Trim Clip 003010 Miter Aid 6 Pack
Trim Clip 003010 Miter Aid 6 Pack
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Trim Clip 003010 Miter Aid 6 Pack

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Marking and measuring the inside dimension of a mitered piece of casing can be a challenge with no place to hook your tape-especially if the trim piece is long. Not so with the Miter Aid. Simply clip it on with the integral spring clamp and the Miter Aid provides a slot for your tape measure, perfectly aligned with the inside corner of a 45 Degree miter. No need for an assistant and no need to measure from the one inch mark and subtract. The Miter Aid also provides a handy reveal fence for marking your reveals on the jambs, header and sill. Once the reveals are marked, tap in a pin nail where the inside of the miter will be, hook your tape over the nail and measure your width and height with ease. If you've ever fumbled with a floppy tape while casing out windows and doors, you'll love the ease and simplicity of the Trim Clip Miter Aid. Made in the USA.
  • Model # 003010, Pack of 6
  • 100% Poly Carbonate
  • Securely Holds Tape End for Accurate and Easy Measurements for Miter Cuts
  • No need for helper to measure
  • Accurate Measurement first and every time
Model # 003010, Pack of 6Trim Clip